Not too long ago, Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Stories which is very similar to Snapchat.

Stories gives Instagram users an opportunity to share their posts in a brand-new way.

Unlike Instagram photos which are mainly for picture-perfect snaps, Stories lets users capture moments which aren’t so perfect.

This feature came as a solution to over posting and with Stories, users can post as much as they like without having to worry about spamming your followers’ feeds, thanks to it being positioned in a separate space.

Does this sound like something you could use for social media marketing? We’ll guide you through the basic steps to creating an Instagram story and let you know about some uber cool features.

1. Tap on the plus symbol on left hand corner at the top of your Instagram timeline to begin.

2. Take a photo by touching the round button, or to film a video, press down on it for 10 seconds.

The thunderbolt symbol turns the flash on, and the arrows let you switch between the forward facing and front cameras.

If you want to upload content from your camera roll then swipe down to choose either a video or photo. You can also include Hyperlapses and Boomerangs.

3. You have three different options of pen types to select from so once you have done that, you can write on your photo, swipe right to select a color filter or add an emoji by using your keyboard.

Tip: Upon your first glance, it might look like you’re limited to the colors that show up at the bottom part of the screen but you’re not. For a selection of more advanced color choices, press and hold one of the colors to pull up the color-chart screen.

4. When you are finished, touch the checkmark symbol to share your story.

Your Story will be shown on your followers’ feeds. It will also be shown on your profile when you tap your profile picture.

As soon as your Story goes live, you can save your creation by viewing it and tapping down on the three circles on the bottom-right hand corner, the clicking Save Photo’ afterward.

5. Find out who viewed your content by swiping up when looking at your creation.

Is someone that shouldn’t be viewing your content snooping? Simply tap on the X’ beside their name to block them from viewing any of your Story content.

Also, if you want to keep your profile private you can just go to your privacy settings by going to your profile, tapping on the settings’ symbol in the upper right-hand side corner. Once you have adjusted your privacy settings, you can choose who you want to view your Story and also restrict people from replying to your messages.

Stories is so similar to Snapchat that a lot of people think there’s no difference, however, there are. Instagram Stories doesn’t have a screenshot notification and neither does it have a memories’ feature like Snapchat.

If your Instagram audience are receptive to your content and engage with you then Stories is a feature you quickly need to start using.



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